DEEP BORE (2021)

Materials: EMMA 2w laser, raised flooring, server box, PLA 3D printed
GAN-generated objects, custom web browser and 4K application

Exhibited at Citya, N0.8 Cattle Depot, Hong Kong.

Description: DEEP BORE revolves around a data center raised flooring formation
that operates as a stage to view a live-generated, never-ending borehole projected
onto the floor. The hole is perpetually digging through to a virtual environment that
acts as a liminal space, or bridge, between the physical site of the gallery, its
surrounding environment, and a realm of virtual and real-time content. This
includes live browser updates to the Reddit homepage, GAN-generated objects
and images from a GAN trained on tools and technologies throughout human
history, and other items that materialise, float, and fall into the void on the screen.

The installation is interested in drawing a spontaneous environment that allows viewers
to enter through interfaces that are site specific rather than the normal screen
space we encounter on a daily basis. The visual material reflects the remnants of
human technological production, prehistoric caves, and rare-earth mining tunnels.
There is a direct reference to data mining, crypto mining, and data centers that
have sprung up around the world. The installation creates a space of reflection
on the intangible data-points, machine learning algorithms, clouds, and rendered
objects we often encounter, touching on their real world presence and effect on
the environment, consciousness, and culture.

For more information about the individual works and a map of the space click HERE

Application Excerpt (watch in HD):

Find more information HERE

SOURCE (2020)

Materials: granite, Geiger counter, computer parts

Exhibited at JCCAC, Hong Kong.

Description: Source is a hand carved granite slab with a built-in custom computer.
The computer reads a Geiger counter which measures radioactive particles emitted
from the granite and the surrounding environment in real-time. The decaying material
manipulates a moving image platform, influencing how content is drawn from a
database and live-scraped from the internet, building animated sequences that
fluctuate and feedback, along with the sound of the clicking Geiger counter.

Video Documentation (watch in HD):



HD application, infinite duration (excerpt recorded from 3:15 - 3:21pm on 16-03-19)

Shown at ICA London as part of an event with N. Katherine Hayles.

Description: Internet Autosarcophagy is a moving image platform that executes ongoing
renderings of "real-time" or "live" material with no beginning or end. It acts as a base skeleton
to siphon incoming bits of information that self-organize around its frame, such as YouTube video
search results and comments, live internet radio, BBC news feeds, local time, Google Image
search, Reddit updates, and images from a webcam on the host computer. At its base is an
autonomous first person shooter system that switches from a cell phone, displaying live Twitch
chat messages, to different weapons, that initiate and react to incoming data using Natural
Language Processing through machine learning to gauge the sentiment of the information coming
in from its sources. The main character becomes more or less violent depending on the mood of
the incoming data determined by the NLP algorithm, which also influences character actions,
camera transitions, and the generative environment the characters inhabit,
fluctuating continuously with the incoming stream of information.

SOFT SOAP (2019)

HD application, infinite duration (excerpt recorded from 6:04 - 6:08pm on 23-02-19)

Exhibited at Focal Point Gallery, Southend.

Description: Soft Soap is a program that gathers text in real-time from websites, chat rooms,
comments, news feeds, and Wikipedia. It then mixes them up to form statements and new phrases,
speaking them aloud through an avatar when it chooses a piece of text. At this point it searches the
text on YouTube and plays a video from its query, overlaid onto a generative ocean that is influenced
by the data streaming in.



GAOLER (2018)

HD application, infinite duration (live stream)

Exhibited at Peter Von Kant Gallery, London.

Description: Gaoler is a program that endlessly plays random YouTube videos in real
time within a generative 3D environment. It uses YouTube's API
(Application Programming Interface) to take fragments of comments and conversations
happening under user uploaded videos to build an ongoing monologue spoken by a character
traversing an endless procedural desert. Disjointed and unpredictable, yet relevant and current,
narratives are built through events that are reflected in the live scraping of information using
random keywords fed into YouTube's search algorithms. This produces a dialogue with the users
and the algorithm that is illuminated in the work. Videos will float to the surface, mashed
together with comments from other videos into a portrait of the vastness and diverse nature of
the platform and its users.

If the live stream is down, see the YouTube channel: HERE for an archive.


HD video, 11 min (trailer 3:21 min)

Screened at PAF Festival, Czech Republic and ICA London.

Description: Error Catastrophe is defined as the extinction of an organism as a result of excessive
mutations. Within the video this definition is used to examine dissolving cultural and biological
constructs following the rapid evolution of information technology. The video reflects the
disorientation that comes along with this breaking transformation, through characters that are
molded into the content that surrounds them.


Materials: webcam, computer, software

Exhibited at Five Years Gallery, London.

Description: Augmented reality installation developed in response to the Kingston University School
of Art PhD research output WE ARE PUBLICATION. The application recognizes a carpet that
was made in collaboration and responds with an augmented overlay of falling bodies.


Materials: wire, paint, epoxy, plaster, VR headset

Description: Viewing rock houses an interactive virtual reality video that alters itself
through changes in the participant's gaze using a procedurally generated environment.


Materials: UV prints on aluminium, negative ion generator, Ozone, electricity, timer

Exhibited at South Kiosk Gallery, London as part of Corrupt Blood Incident.

Description: The individual images are made by overlaying patterns in a 3D modelling
program to the point where the image information begins to break down. Each
piece is then charged with negative ions that produce static electricity
at specific moments that scramble some electronic devices in the space.
The static is choreographed by a custom timer that translates atmospheric noise
into a disjointed rhythm.

Video Documentation (00:24 min):


VALS (2017)

HD video, 10:00 min (trailer 3:42 min)

Screened at Galeria Vermelho, Brazil as part of Electric Blue.

Description: VALS (Values and Lifestyles), borrows from the outskirts of neuroscience and
spiritual enlightenment. It appropriates models of audio/visual entrainment, confusion
inductions, neuroscience, and transcendence ideology. Material that was gathered through
interviews, attending conventions, and found footage come together in a choreography
between familiarity, confusion, and ambiguity. 
VALS looks to be viewed in the periphery
where focus and attention is not fixed to the screen but can potentially move inward.



SON OF CHIPPY 221 (install) (2016)

Materials: 3 channel HD video installation, holographic projection film, vibration speaker, Print on PVC

Exhibited at StudioRCA, London (solo show).

Description: Son of Chippy 221 delves into the mind of a security guard reluctantly guarding a gallery
that is showing projections of banger racing and island car demolitions. The security guard is voiced 
by vlogger, Danial Tijuana Gringo, who was contacted via YouTube with only a vague description of his
character and the work he will be guarding. The CGI guard Danial inhabits is projected
on a holographic screen attached to the front window of the gallery, while the narration is played
outside through the windows using vibration plates to turn them into giant speakers.

Three channel video mock-up (3:34 min):



Exhibited at Art Basel Hong Kong (2016), V Art Center Shanghai,
CFCCA Manchester, and Chisenhale Studios, London.

Description: By examining hidden reptilian systems that unconsciously dictate basic states of 
subjective production, Common Descent attempts to surface what normally occurs in our brain
without our knowledge. Through language patterns, psychedelic visual triggers, and a selection of
hosts guiding the viewer through primal forms of communication, a non-dialectical version of
reality emerges—one that relies on confusion and disjunction rather than linear displays of
concrete information.

HD video, 11:30 min (trailer 5:00 min)



COMMON DESCENT (install) (2015)

Materials: custom projection screen, fabric, LED floodlights, speakers, micro controller,
11:30 min video loop, faux leaves, colour gels, faux crocodile head, projector

Exhibited at CGP, London as part of Bottom Natures.

Description: A video is projected over fabric covering a diorama that can only be seen when
lights behind the screen are activated. This happens at specific moments throughout the video.



Materials: video entry phone, SD video loop

Exhibited at CGP, London as part of Bottom Natures.


Materials: printed canvas, zipper, polystyrene balls

Exhibited at CGP, London as part of Bottom Natures.



HD video, 27:32 min (trailer 3:10 min)

Broadcast on the Lokalsender O Eins TV station as part of Video Visions (solo presentation).

Description: Produced for German television, Vertical People situates itself within the genre of
science fiction. It explores an alternate world that has fallen into the prison of a scripted reality,
where our universe has been spread so thin it’s on the verge of being converted to pure energy.
The video takes its content from resorts, theme parks, science labs, and found footage. It
transmutes their narrative into a post-planetary experience that ponders our future state of
expansion, one that reaches vertically towards a contracting ceiling. In a 'theme park world'
that loses its ability to create the authentic, we search for new forms of authenticity in
accelerated modes of seduction, confusion, and distinctive violence.


HD video, 12:04 min (trailer 3:00 min)

Shown at Dilston Grove London, VLTAVA Prague, and Arbuit Gallery London.

Description: Remedial Efficiency explores the current climate of ubiquitous technological mediation, 
examining the digital co-opt of memory and the different ways that we come to understand ourselves
through technological prosthesis. This transformative process is constantly generating new ways
of seeing through the multiplying array of new devices that are shaping needs while creating
handicaps that require more devises to fill in the gaps of previous devises in a never-ending cycle,
constantly changing our perception of the world and the tools we use to define reality. 





Materials: PVC print, 17 min audio loop, custom vibrator, micro controller, wood, metal

Exhibited in a pre-built structure at Park Ecke Charlottenstraße, Berlin (solo show).

Description: A voice-over recording about a ‘future life regression' is played aloud over
relaxing music. During the course of the looped soundtrack, the metal door of the
structure begins to intensely vibrate in intervals.

Video documentation (1:54 min):

RAMP (2013)

Materials: concrete, foam, MDF, perspex, vinyl photo print, T.V. with 10 min video loop,
linear actuator, micro controller, butane refill, BBQ igniter

Exhibited at The Dye House London.

Description: Every five minutes a ticking sound is heard and a flame shoots out of the
back of a pink television. 

Video documentation (00:24 min):


MOBILE (2013)

Materials: assisted toilet seat, photo frame with 3 min video loop, vinyl print, timer, ignition system

Exhibited in the front window of Tenderpixel Gallery, London during the August residency (2013).

Description: A flame shoots out of an assisted toilet that slowly raises and lowers.

Video documentation (1:46 min):



HD video, 10:18 min (trailer 3:24 min)

Shown at Whitechapel Gallery, London (2013), CCA Glasgow (2013), Almanac Projects,
London (2013), and Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles (2014).

Description: Employing Ericsonian principles of storytelling, Cohesion seeks to interject into
hidden cavities of the mind, feeding information through a dissolving background of recognition.


COHESION (install) (2012)

Materials: custom projection screen, stainless steel reflector, micro controller, speakers, 
high intensity strobes, 10 min video loop, actuators, loud speaker, projector

Exhibited at Goldsmiths College MFA Show and Lodge Park National
Trust, Sherborn Park Estate, Gloucestershire, UK as part of 20/12 London Art Now.

Description: A video is played in sections, separated by a burst from high frequency lights.
The video is choreographed to other elements within the installation.

Video documentation (1:54 min):


Materials: photograph on Dibond, negative ion generator, electricity

Exhibited at Seventeen Gallery, London and Taiga Art Space, Russia.

Description: A photograph charged with negative ions consistently expels visible sparks.





Materials: roomba vacuum cleaner, carpet, photograph, timer

Description: A robot vacuum cleaner cleans and returns to its charger, looped.


Materials: glasses-free 3D video screen, 3D video loop

Description: Two separate videos converge at different angles, playing on a single lenticular video screen. 




BENCH (2012)

Materials: wood, paint, negative ion generator, stainless steel, photographs on vinyl, wire, electricity

Exhibited at Tower Hamlets Art Pavilion, London.

Description: A bench charged with negative ions displays visible flows of electricity.




PROS (2012)

Materials: 3D virtual reality glasses, photograph on Dibond

Description: An immersive video plays on virtual reality glasses attached to a cutout photograph.




SPIT (2012)

Materials: Vinyl, LCD screen, perspex, wood, electronics, fire balls

Description: Shoots fireballs towards a corner at regular intervals.

Video documentation (00:17 min):







HD video, 9:32 min (trailer 2:11 min)



BLOSSOM (2011)

SD video, 9:39 min

Exhibited at DNA Gallery, Berlin (group show).


DUEL (2011)

Materials: monitor, web cam, computer, facial recognition software, video, plinth

Exhibited at Tower Hamlets Art Pavilion, London (group show).

Description: A video monitor shuts off when the viewer looks directly at it and turns
back on when they look away.

COMMUTE (2010)

Materials: photograph dyed onto canvas, wood, micro controller, flash paper, wheel, nichrome wire

Description: An image falls off the wall and explodes at different times throughout the exhibition.

Video documentation (00:18 min):